Hessen Film and Media Academy (hFMA)
address: Hermann-Steinhäuser-Straße 43-47, 2.Fl
63065 Offenbach am Main

phone +49 (0) 69 830 460 41

please find driving directions here

You can reach us Monday to Friday from 10.00 - 16:30.

Provisional Managing Director
Lara Nahrwold (Monday to Friday) – nahrwold(at)

Csongor Dobrotka (Wednesday) – dobrotka(at)
Celina Schimmer (Monday to Thursday) – schimmer(at)


1. What is the added value that hFMA offers the students?

hFMA offers additional workshops and seminars that augment and broaden the training spectrum of the individual universities. Film and media-makers from various universities work together on these projects. Thus one gets to find and know one another in joint projects beyond institute bounds. Alumni also sometimes take part in a number of such projects.

2. Can I (as a student) suggest seminars / workshops myself, or do I ask my professor?

Each university that is active in the hFMA network has two board members who you can contact. They are the ones who submit projects to hFMA. In exceptional cases, projects can also be submitted directly to the hFMA office. 

3. Can hFMA help me with the organization of my shoot (equipment, location scouting, casting)? Or can it supply me with contacts?

You are always welcome to contact the hFMA office for questions. You may also post your requests for cooperations and support of student film - and mediaproductions on the hFMA-Website. Furthermore the hFMA offers all students from the hFMA network the use for the yearly renewed filming permit for Frankfurt - at no costs. Please use to get the actual permit.

4. How exactly does the cooperation of 13 universities help me? Can I, e.g. as a student from Frankfurt, use the studios of another university or take part in their courses?

For one, hFMA organizes additional courses and workshops, announced under 'Projekte' (only in German version). In addition, some courses at hFMA universities are also open for students of other universities (e.g. regularly once in a year: LOM – Lernort Multimedia, a whole-day with lectures related to a new topic concerning media at the Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences). These offers are announced in the ‘Termine’ section. 

The use of equipment at other universities is very limited and may only be possible in individual cases, given available capacities.

5. I have a great short film / great media project for which I cannot find a contact. Can hFMA help me present it? Can I “submit” films/projects?

hFMA only provides individual support within the framework of individual, temporary projects. It does not function as a second film funding. For the case of festival participation, hFMA has compiled a list of the most important national and international short film festivals.

6. Once every year, hFMA supports films and students from our universities to join the Berlinale festival as HESSEN TALENTS. How do I get my film into this programme?

The submission for the “HESSEN TALENTS” shown at the European Film Market at the Berlinale ensues via the film professors of the hFMA member universities. Professors of film making universities jointly select the entries at a special occasion – the Hessischen Hochschulfilmtag (HHFT) in Kassel. Viewers at HHFT also vote on the films which are part of the programme. It is also possible for individual films to be nominated subsequently by professors. The hFMA office arranges the submitted programmes into an overall show which will be shown at the European Film Market, and organises tours for the film market. The “HESSEN TALENTS” are to be continued annually every February.

7. I want to organize a film show / minor festival / exhibition with media art. Can hFMA offer me financial support? Or offer me contacts?

Contacts and information are conveyed via the hFMA 'News', 'Projekte' and 'Termine' pages. At present, hFMA only provides individual support within the framework of individual, temporary hFMA projects. These projects are announced under 'Projekte' (only in German version).

8. Does hFMA have rooms and equipment that I can use (for shooting, editing, presenting)?

The hFMA functions as a mediator, a networking service, a coordinator and a catalyst of projects. It is not an institute that has its own equipment at its disposal.

9. Does hFMA have any updates on regulations for filming during the pandemic?

We provide a pdf file with further information to download. Individual questions can be answered every second Wednesday in a free 15 minute talk in our hFMAsk consultation offer. Book a time slot here.